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Splatter Paint Safety Rules

  1. *Have Fun

  2. *No Running

  3. *No Splattering fire sprinklers

  4. *No pushing, shoving, hitting or throwing containers at other participants.

  5. *No Pulling on wall coverings

  6. *Do not dump any left-over paint anywhere.

  7. *No food, balloons, or decorations in splatter paint rooms.

  8. *Eye protection must be worn. (We provide this)

  9. *No climbing/standing on tables, walls, chairs, etc.

  10. *No outside art supplies

  11. *Do not throw/shoot or pour water. This destroys the floors, walls, stereo equipment, and electrical.

  12. *Do not change clothes or clean paint off yourself in our bathrooms. It needs to stay available for people to use as intended. We have a designated clean up sink and changing room area. 

  13. *The person that books has to be in attendance for the duration of the booking. 

  14. * The Splatter Room safety requirements are that guests be wearing safety glasses & shoes. 

  15. *Our paint is washable but we highly recommend wearing clothes guests don’t care about, just in case.

  16. *You may bring your own hair net/shower cap.

  17. *Guests may listen to their own music on a provided speaker. 

  18. *Guests may paint/splatter their canvas, the walls, and each other.  

  19. *Any Guest who leaves any profanity on the walls will be charged the cost of removal and end their session early with no refund and / or permanently banned depending on severity. 

  20. *Minors ages 10-14 must have a parent/guardian present in the building to participate, but they do not have to be in the splatter room with them.  Minors age 9 and under must have a parent/guardian in the splatter room with them.

  21. *When the session is done there will be an area in each splatter room to dispose of coveralls, hair nets, booties and clean off shoes before entering back into the common areas. Please make use of this to keep the messy fun in the contained area.

  22. *Place your used supplies in designated dirty supply areas.

  23. *Adults are expected to enforce the above rules for the enjoyment and safety of everyone.

***Also, plan for transporting a wet canvas.  We provide the box for this.  Your masterpiece will take a minimum of 24 to 48 hours to dry. 

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